System Engineering

Cyber Security
Engineered for Success: Sound. Secure. Sustained.

Customers depend on Independent Software’s expertise to mold their future plans and sustain current operations. We work to gain an in-depth understanding of customer needs and objectives are then derive system, security, and operational requirements that fulfill these needs. We perform gap analyses to determine where benefits can be derived from the allocation of resources and help our customers understand cutting edge technology versus cost, operational effectiveness, and comprehensive risk to ensure that their goals are effectively met.

Engineering Services
Solving complex, time-sensitive problems through:

  • Providing unrivaled operational and customer experience through our tenured corporate relationship
  • Bringing together corporate experience in software development, signal analysis, and mission management to devise solutions to our customers’ complex problems
  • Designing and implementing embedded hardware systems
  • Partnering with senior leadership to accomplish high-priority tasks
  • Defining community architectures and standards

Test and Integration
Cementing internal system components and integration external complementary systems by:

  • Identifying, tracking, and resolving all issues through sound testing practice
  • Devising software test harnesses and regression test procedures
  • Providing post-development and deployment support including installations, configurations, and upgrades
  • Validating project integration requirements
  • Enabling configuration support for changing requirements

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