Software Development

Software Development
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Independent Software has invested significant resources to develop a software development group that delivers superior solutions to customers for a variety of challenging applications. Our team has experience with, and is actively-involved in all phases of the software development lifecycle in massive scaled environments as well as small mission focused teams. With a depth of experience running the gamut of languages, tools, and platforms, let us help you succeed!

High-Level Design:

  • Fielding industry experts in software design methodology
  • Providing end-to-end solutions, from requirements evaluation to system design, implementation, maintenance, and performance enhancement
  • Improving application quality, performance, and reliability
  • Employing agile development processes on large scale development teams
  • Supplying expertise in a number of application areas that allow us to work closely with the customer to understand their needs

Embedded and Time-Critical Coding:

  • Designing, profiling, and optimizing time critical code
  • Performing extensive, architecture-specific optimization and performance analysis o existing efforts
  • Developing and reverse-engineering embedded systems

Web Applications:

  • Designing RESTful services compliant with the HTTP specification
  • Providing expert software development using .NET technology
  • Providing expert Java development using technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, JMS, and JAXRS
  • Deploying services to application and web servers such as JBoss, WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, and IIS
  • Balancing and managing of compute resource utilization in the cloud


  • Tackling complex problems in the management and exploitation of large data sets

Release Engineering:

  • Optimizing build and branch life-cycle management
  • Engineering rigorous tests in a fast-paced development environment
  • Generating code-coverage metrics and analysis
  • Supporting development in a continuous integration environment using tools like Jenkins

Software Support:

  • Enhancing existing COTS and GOTS software through defect analysis and bug triage
  • Deploying ticketing systems such as JIRA and Trac

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