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Independent Software is a fast-growing information engineering company that does work of national importance supporting our defense, intelligence, and civil agency customers in the areas of software development and cybersecurity. We are a group of talented professionals united in a culture that thrives on hard work, excellence, technical innovation, and collaboration.

We are committed to the success of our employees and make efforts to focus on each individual’s well-being. Investing in the lives of our employees ensures retention and job satisfaction while striving to exceed our customers’ expectations.

We offer outstanding career opportunities to talented, motivated individuals who are seeking an environment where they can excel. If you are looking for an exciting opportunity in an organization where your talents are appreciated and your personal and professional development is a priority, join the winning team at Independent Software.

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Simple Equation

We believe strongly that there must an equitable balance in the relationship between an employee and the company. This is easy math. What the employee and the company give to and receive from each other must be of equal value. Otherwise, the relationship is disproportionate and will not last.

At Independent Software, we know that our reputation is based upon having good people with good ideas. In return, we provide our people with a supportive environment that nurtures their skills. We work diligently to understand each team member’s strengths and work preferences, and strive to assign responsibilities accordingly. We foster collaboration to achieve and share success, and invest in the continued growth of our staff members through practical experience, education and training. Join us and experience the difference a truly balanced work environment can make.